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Why Code IT?

Code IT makes programming easy! With one lesson a week, you will gain a range of skills such as resilience and critical thinking, how to code your own programs and video games, plus coding will open the door to thousands of job opportunities. Gain the digital literacy skills today that will change your future. Simply choose a course that suits you to join the fun!

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Our courses



Suitable for students aged 8-11 – £145 per month

This course is great for younger children who want to learn how to code. Scratch is a fantastic visual-based code editor that allows them to create entertaining animations, interactive tales, games, noises and more. This is a great way to make learning to code engaging and rewarding for younger children who do have an especially incredible ability to learn.

In this course, we would ensure that your child develops a strong computational thinking and build confidence by encouraging them to express their interests by creating their own animations and games.


  • Scratch

  • Osmo coding

The key skills they will learn through this course:

  • Creative thinking

  • Reasoning

  • Computational thinking

  • Self-expression: create their own stories, animations, and games

  • Develop problem-solving and logical abilities


Suitable for students aged 8-12 – £145 per month

Lots of rewarding visual feedback is essential when teaching children an academic skill such as coding. In this course we use a Micro:Bit microcontroller to allow the children to see the results of the code they write affect the real world. The skills they learn will help them improve logical, mathematical, and creative abilities as well as computational thinking and programming fundamentals.


  • Microbit
  • Lego robots

The skills they will learn through this course:

  • Logical Thinking
  • Critical thinking – Testing and debugging
  • Explore – New Projects 
  • Building blocks

ProCoder – Level 1

Suitable for students aged 12-15 – £155 per month

Our ProCoder Level 1 course teaches a understanding of fundamental programming concepts in Python. To guarantee that they write legible, high-quality code, they will be encouraged to use good coding principles from the start of the course.

Python skills will be used to address real-world problems after learning how to develop efficient procedural oriented programmes. They will complete coding puzzles and challenges as well as use a Raspberry Pi to develop their own unique projects.

By the end of this course your child will be able to read and write in one of the most popular programming languages and be ready to sit the entry level python certification exam, PCEP.


  • Python
  • FreeNove Rasberry pi 

The key skills they will learn through this course:

  • Logical thinking
  • Computational thinking
  • Hands-on coding experience

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

What can you do with coding?

Data Scientists

Data Scientists

Businesses use feedback from their data to gain an insight into their activity that would have been impossible just a few decades ago. Artificial intelligence is already shaping the future of the world. Self driving cars, quantitative trading and robotics are just some of the fields which data scientists and AI engineers are right at the forefront of.

Network Security Engineers

Network Security Engineers

The Cyber Security sector boasts the UKs highest average wage. In the digital age, threats from hackers threaten to obstruct businesses, governments and hurt people’s livelihoods. As a network security engineer you would join this struggle protecting society from those who would like to use our systems against us.

Software Engineers

Software Engineers

Modern engineers use lots of different software and software languages to conduct research and build systems. Devices in our homes, running code and performing tasks impossible without programmers. F1 teams, for example, have software engineers to help with control of the car, collect data from their wind tunnels and much more.

Front-end developers

Front-end developers

Front-end developers build websites, which involves the design, layout, and the way content appears on a webpage. Inserting animations, creating hyperlinks buttons and more!

Back-end developers

Back-end developers

Back-end developers build the web apps that the website runs on for example, maps and user profiles. This also includes the storage and database that the website or app runs on.

Mobile App developers

Mobile App developers

Mobile app developers create mobile apps for operating systems like Windows, Mac, IOS and Android and others. These could be social media apps, gaming apps, educational apps and more!


Feedback from our students

Without having much knowledge about what coding was, I was able to build so many skills after just a few sessions. My favourite part from the scratch course was creating my own avatar! I really enjoyed coming in each week as there was something new to look forward to each session!


Without having much knowledge about what coding was, Tony built so many skills just after a few weeks such as resourcefulness and creativity. His favourite part from the Scratch course was creating his own avatar. He really enjoyed learning something new each week and is looking forward for the next course!


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